Hayo'u Crystal Energy Aroma Mist Guide

Our Most Comprehensive Tool Yet.

The Bian Stone Body Massage Tool is powerful and deceptively easy to use.

This game changing self-healer will enable you to hone in on very specific areas of pain, discomfort and tension in the body, providing relief in the comfort of your own home, without the need for a practitioner.

The Bian Stone Body Massager will allow you to take your self-healing journey to an even greater level to profoundly master your own health and wellbeing.

Benefits of acupressure include:

- Relief for deep tissue and muscle tension, fatigue and pain
- Helps to control weight concerns
- Improves digestion
- Helps with constipation
- Aids lymph drainage and detoxification
- Helps to break down scar tissue
- Nerve pain is relieved as healthy circulation to the area is restored
- Stimulates the immune system
- Perfect for sports recovery and aftercare
- Natural pain relief
- Enhances mood by releasing endorphins
- Improves insomnia and supports deeper sleep
- Lowers blood pressure

Can anyone use the Bian Stone Body Massager?
Yes, acupressure is a truly holistic treatment, accessible to everyone due to its
versatility and the fact that you can vary the intensity of pressure and duration
to suit individual requirements.
However, as with any treatment or therapy, there are come contraindications so
if you are in any doubt, always consult your GP or Consultant before use.


Contraindications – avoid self-acupressure if any of the following
applies to you:



Bleeding disorders or if you are taking medication such as Warfarin


Open wounds or extreme bruising

Areas of unexplained swelling

Varicose Veins

Cancer (unless your consultant gives explicit approval)

Heart disease (unless your consultant gives explicit approval)

The Hayo’u TEN Acupressure Points.

The following points are our miracle 10 Acupoints to improve health and reduce symptoms. Use the Bian Stone Body Massager to gently stimulate the point and achieve the benefits detailed.

Bian Stone Acupressure Points
Bian Stone Acupressure Points