Gua Sha And The Modern Man: Why Gua Sha And Self-Care Isn't Just For Women...

Gua Sha And The Modern Man: Why Gua Sha And Self-Care Isn't Just For Women...

As part of the global campaign, International Men’s Health Week 2021, this week is Men’s Health Week. The aim of the campaign is to encourage men to talk about their health, whether it be physical issues or mental health and wellbeing. As women, we’re very good at it, the men in our lives less so.

So how can we help the men that we love? Self-care, that’s how. And not just during Men’s Health Week, but a few minutes of self-care everyday will make all the difference. Self-care may be the buzzword of 2021 and is seen by many as a bubble bath with a candle and a glass of something fizzy. Hardly macho. Here at Hayo’u however, proper self-care or yang sheng as it’s known in Chinese medicine, can play a huge part in keeping burnout at bay.

Self-care for men is not about ‘grooming’, bubble baths (unless it’s a favourite of course), or even meditation (always worth a try though, the results are incredible). It’s about using tools and techniques that take just one minute for lasting results. What better way could there be to celebrate Men’s Health Week 2021?


The Bamboo Body Tapper is the perfect tool for flagging energy levels and for reducing stress. In just one minute you will boost circulation and lymphatic drainage (this gets everything moving) and get rid of that energy slump. Sky Sport’s presenter, Tony Wrighton, is also a big fan, so you don’t have to just take our word for it. Tap from head to toe, making sure to include the back of your neck and shoulders, arms, legs and feet. Check out this brilliant tapping video from Arron, our head instructor at Hayo’uFit, who shows how you can also transform your workout by tapping.

Body Gua Sha

Gua sha isn’t just for women, it has huge benefits for men and their health too, especially when it comes to the body. The Body Restorer is a streamlined stainless steel tool that gets deep within the muscle tissue, releasing stress and tension. An intense and powerful treatment, body gua sha offers a restorative body massage at your fingertips, any time, anywhere. Keep to hand for stiff necks and shoulders or in your sports bag for a deeply soothing post-workout massage with instant results. The beauty of this tool is that you can either use it with our nourishing Body Oil or simply over your clothes.

Father’s Day

Men’s Health Week 2021 ends with Father’s Day on the 20 June and to celebrate the men in your life, we have created the ultimate Father’s Day Gift Set. Containing our famous Body Restorer and Body Oil, a resistance band and black pouch, it’s the perfect kit for your gym bag.