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Alleviate tight, tired muscles with this powerful body gua sha tool.

An age-old deep body massage, redefined. Support circulation and lymphatic drainage, and release deep tension with the Body Restorer, for instant muscle relief and recovery. An intense and powerful treatment for peak performance – keep it in your sports bag – but also a deeply restorative massage at your fingertips, anytime, to calm and soothe.

Perfect your body Gua Sha

Master the art of body gua sha and how to use your tools.

Key Benefits

  • The ultimate deep body massage tool
  • Alleviate tight, tired muscles
  • Supports circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Instant muscle relief for peak performance

Expertly designed for safe self-treatment through clothing or with Hayo’u Body Oil ideally after a Hayou bath or shower. It’s made from 100% stainless steel and comes with a protective velvet pouchExpertly engineered for deep tissue massage either through your clothing or with our Body Oil, ideally after a bath or shower. Made from 100% stainless steel, which allows the tool to reach deep within the muscles. Use after exercise as an intense treatment for instant relief, or everyday for a deeply restorative all-over massage to calm and relax.

Our product packaging is made from doubled walled cardboard andwhere possible, for environmental reasons, we do not use single wrap plastics or cellophane to wrap our products.

14 reviews for Hayo’u Body Restorer

  1. Susan McC

    I think I’m Addicted to Hayo’u. I just love all the products. They are totally amazing. I see such a difference in my skin and get so many compliments saying my skin is glowing I would highly recommend a 1-1 session with Katie Blake as you will get the best out of your tools and follow the Instagram pages as well as they are full of information. It’s an amazing community of people. Keep up
    The great work Hayo’u 🥰

  2. Jenny Jones

    What an exciting day! My body tapper, book, oil and Jade beauty restorer have all arrived beautifully packaged the oil smells amazing… the Jade calming and cool my body tapper feels even better than it looks and is a relaxing sound. And can’t wait to start learning more through my book! Already planning my next purchase. Thank you

  3. Sam

    My sister bought for my birthday and I absolutely love it .. it reduced all the puffiness in my face and after one session my skin looks lifted and face looks slimmer ! I am already addicted !!

  4. Alison swindells aka shoogal67

    I’ve been desperate to try this product so hubby purchased it for my birthday , so now I’m obsessed ! Makes a huge difference to my anxiety levels , I use twice a day across the neck , chest shoulders and back and you can literally feel the tension leaving your body !

  5. Charlotte Elizabeth

    Love this, is an absolute treat especially with the body oil that smells and feels divine. I purchased as the set and do as a nightly routine Gua sha before bed and it certainly helps relax you for a blissful sleep as well as getting any sha out of your body (redness)that your body needs to get out. Feels amazing and is the best thing for easing out any tension or the many knots I have in my shoulder blades better than any massage. It properly gets rid of it, it’s not painful either just feels lovely. I use all over and on Instagram Katie Brindle and Katie the skin whisperer also give brilliant tutorials on how to get the most out of your tool. And if you like me and get tension in your legs and feet too it soon eases those. Wonderful and so easy as well as such a gorgeous tool to have.

  6. Mary

    The facial oil is truly amazing, from the fragrance to the way your skin feels after use it has fast become an essential part of my daily routine, as of course has my quartz crystal.


    Wow…I love the Tapper. I use vigorously in the morning after my Pilates session and my skin glows in a healthy way and I don’t feel any muscle fatigue. At night, just before getting into bed, I tap away gently to unwind and relax. It’s so lovely to use and very habit forming. I really couldn’t be without it now. This is the third product I’ve purchased. The first and second have been the Face tool in Jade and the Metal body tool. All of them have been excellent quality and prompt delivery. I would not hesitate in recommending Hayo’u for there service or merchandise. I’m very happy with both.

  8. Doris Martinez

    I am more than delighted with my products and tools… I fell more energetic and relaxed than I have recommended to a family and Friends. thank you Hayoumethod

  9. Ali Gunn

    Just treated myself to this and it’s great. Previously I’d been using my Jade restorer and comb on my body but this takes it to a whole new level. I did also use the Hayou body oil which is divine. Another great product from Katie and her team – thank you x

  10. Amanda Davis

    This wonderful tool has made a huge difference to the arthritis in my thumb, I no longer have that painful throbbing. I am amazed such a simple thing has made such a noticeable difference. Thank you.

  11. Eva

    I absolutely love the Restorer. Have been using it, with great effect, on my very sore lower back (couldn’t go to my osteo whilst in lockdown). Combined with morning Qigong, it eased out the pain. Every time I use it my back gets better, more relaxed and less painful.

  12. Den

    Love! It really releases tension. Makes you feel invigorated and energized!!

  13. Den

    Thank you!!!
    Great service and wonderful products!!!

  14. Den


    A friend recommended Hayo’u to me, I haven’t expected much but the relaxing effects even after 1 minute of Hayo’u massage are wonderful. I bought the oil as well, which is strongly scented but it makes my skin feel so soft and nurished. Highly recommended !

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