Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

The Hayo’u Method distills the wisdom of Chinese medicine into 3 simple steps for health and beauty.

Lauren Parsons, Vogue

“I met Hayo’u founder, Katie Brindle, a few years ago and immediately loved her tools and passion for gua sha, and have been using my take on it at work ever since”

Trinny Woodall on The Hayo'u Beauty Restorer Rose Quartz

“Great tool. Very nice for travelling. Very nice for anytime”

Lisa Armstrong, The Telegraph

“Eight weeks on I am constantly complimented on my skin. A make-up artist said it was like porcelain. Good going for someone well into their 50’s”

Anna Murphy, The Times

“All those expensive beauty products, and, again narratives that we are targeted with, and one single simple-purchase product blows them out of the water”

Alessandra Steinherr on the Hayo’u Beauty Restorer

“I use mine everyday”

Katie Blak - Gua Sha Facial Treatments

Welcome to the Hayo’u Virtual Clinic. Master the art of the crystal facial & gua sha, or book a 1:1 virtual consultation, with our renowned crystal gua sha facialist, Katie Blake.

Hayo'u Testimonials

“I bought my Beauty Restorer™ a couple of months ago and have been using it twice a day ever since - it really does work! I’ve seen a vast improvement in my skin.”

Hayo'u Testimonials

“Katie Brindle and her Hayo’u Method are life changing and made my morning and evening beauty regime simple and effective.”

Hayo'u Testimonials

“I can’t believe the difference it’s made to my energy levels. I often have to hold heavy equipment so I use the Body Restorer™ to relax tired and tense muscles.”

Hayo'u Testimonials

“I’m really quite obsessed with this method! I’ve ordered body comb precision tool face oil and shower gel. Also got free shower gel which smells divine!”

Hayo'u Testimonials

“I have had a very positive experience. I like the fact that you can have a tool that is organic. I like the method and have seen results. I highly recommend the system.”


We are the UK’s original, multi-award winning gua sha and wellness tool specialist.


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Meet our Founder Katie Brindle

Meet our founder

Inspired by Chinese medicine, Katie Brindle founded the Hayo’u Method to enable people to master their health.



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