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Press Telegraph Magazine
After 50 seconds I looked in the mirror and was astonished […] my cheekbones, eyebrows and jawline had tightened and lifted. – Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Director

Press Vogue
It’s literally like rubbing your way to healthier, glowier skin. – Eva Ramirez, Health and Beauty

Press Marie Claire
The flush means you’re drawing circulation to the skin. The result? A stress-free complexion. – Lisa Oxenham, Beauty and Style Director

Press Grazia
Just one minute of use every day will relax muscles, increase circulation and boost collagen for plumped, radiant skin – Hannah Coates, Beauty Editor

Press InStyle
One of my go to tools – Victoria Woodhall, Editor

Press Telegraph Magazine
The Body RestorerTM is addictive. – Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Director

Press You Magazine
The effects of [Hayo’u Method Rituals] on my circulation are immediate. The shaking and drumming sends a whoosh of energy from top to toe […] – Sarah Stacey, Health Editor


Body Combing - Hayo'u Beauty Restorer Comb

Body Combing

Body combing is an ancient Chinese self-healing treatment, an extension of gua sha that works a bit more deeply.