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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right gua sha tool or learn more about the results that you can achieve.


As Hayo’u rituals have been designed to encourage self-healing, they can be particularly useful in times of illness. Please note that the Hayo’u Method is not a substitute for the advice of your GP.

It is not uncommon to suffer from a healing crisis. This is when the body reacts to the treatment. You may experience extreme tiredness, headaches or cold sweats and feel more emotional than usual.

Yes! But always consult a doctor as everyone has very individual and sometimes complex health issues. Chinese medicine often works hand in hand with Western medicine and complements the healing process.

Within a few days of practicing the Hayo’u Method, you’re likely to notice a marked improvement in your general wellbeing and energy levels. The more you practice, the more you’ll benefit. Try it for a week and you’ll feel the cumulative effects on your stress levels. Try it for a month and you’ll feel calmer, rested and reinvigorated.

Please be reassured, it’s very difficult to damage your skin with this time-old technique. Before you try gua sha for the first time, read the instruction leaflet inside the packaging and watch the short video on the product page of this site. Go easy to start with and watch how your skin responds before continuing. Please note, gua sha should not be performed over broken skin, varicose veins, moles, cuts or bruises.

It is totally normal (and useful) for your skin to show redness. Follow the instructions, retreat only once redness has subsided and notice the reduction in the levels of redness following each treatment.

Jade is a cleansing stone used in Chinese medicine for centuries to aid the body’s filtration and lymph system to encourage expulsion of toxins. Xiuyan jade is named after its place of origin in Liaoning Province, in northeast China, where the origins of jade-carving can be traced back more than 5,000 years. It is a natural stone that is hard wearing, difficult to scratch and polishes to a silky, smooth finish. Our Beauty Restorer is hand cut using traditional Chinese jade-carving techniques and each one is quality checked before being packed in the UK.

So, ONE of the purposes of facial gua sha is to clear lymph. If you want to focus on this then you concentrate more on stroking downwards. This is because our lymph drains into an area called “terminus” in the little dips right above the middle of each collarbone. The direction of the lymphatic pathways on the face are from the centre of the face, out toward the hairline, so we want to move all of the waste to the outer edges of the face and then sweep it all down the neck to dump it above the collarbone. Don’t worry too much, if you then want to also work upwards, that is not going to undo your hard work. Lymph cannot move on its own, but it will naturally move towards the area of the body it is supposed to. Only muscular contraction can move lymph, which is one of the reasons a sedentary lifestyle is so harmful.

If you are a jade roller fan, you’ll probably already be clued up on all the incredible benefits of jade. We believe our jade tool delivers an even deeper and more specific treatment to the face and neck. Using a Gua Sha tool allows you to work deeper into the muscles and fascia for a more effective tension release. The treatment removes any buildup of lactic acid and encourages lymphatic drainage. The curved points are used to activate specific acupressure points on the face and ensure good Qi flow. It’s the next level of beauty treatment. In fact, the Jade roller was traditionally used after facial Gua Sha to calm the skin after the real work had been done!

Gua sha encourages the skin to purge out toxins, so breakouts are to be expected - it’s a good sign.

Our jade Beauty Restorer is gentler than the metal and you can press as gently as you like.

Start with one stroke per area and build up slowly. Once you have the tool you have it for life, so you can go really slowly and build up - there’s no rush! 

We recommend using the Hayo'u Crystal Cleanser twice a week.  Simply spritz over your crystals and gently wipe with a soft, clean cloth or flannel.

Between times it is a good idea to rinse them under warm running water, perhaps with a bit of liquid anti-bacterial soap, after each use as that keeps them clean and free of bacteria and product build up.

Choosing whether to leave oil on your face after a Gua Sha treatment is largely a matter of personal preference and depends on your skin type.
Our Hayo'u Beauty Oil is made with high-quality, soothing ingredients, specifically designed for use in Gua Sha.
It is a naturally moisturising and many choose to leave the oil as such.

However, if you prefer not to leave excess oil on your skin, we have a gentle solution. Our Hayo'u Rice Paper Beauty Tissue will absorb any excess oil without irritating your skin.

Alternatively, you can follow your usual facial washing and cleansing routine to remove the oil.

Remember, the key is to listen to your skin's needs and choose what feels best for you.