Digestive Tincture
Digestive Tincture

Digestive Tincture

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Experience better-tasting food, eliminate toxins and cleanse your body all with one product.

Let me introduce you to the miracle in a bottle that helps me to feel wonderful wherever I am. They even came with me on my 50th birthday trip to Venice!

The Digestive Tincture by Heavenly Herbs is a carefully-crafted combination of herbs that will help to effectively cleanse your body of toxins while not being too harsh. It is a great way to ease into cleansing.

Now, these bitters (you guessed it) are extremely bitter, which your body will love. There is a reason why we drink Campari and other bitter drinks before we eat - they increase saliva and stimulate the taste buds.

Food will taste better so the pleasure you experience when eating your meals will be heightened/ enhanced. Saliva is known as the “golden elixir” in Chinese medicine and there are a vast array of exercises to stimulate its production.

The best way to take them is to add to water before eating. The great thing about them is that you can have them wherever you go to support your digestive system, particularly useful when you are on trips or staying with friends. I sat in several super-stylish bars ordering glasses of sparkling water to pop them in so they are very versatile. 

Medical herbalist Ross Menzies and his wife Katrina grow everything organically and you can feel their hearts and souls resonating through these brilliant products.

Product includes: 1 x 50ml Tincture

Directions for use: Take 30 drops up to 3 times daily, half an hour before meals.


  • Taraxacum officinalis rad (Dandelion root)* - A bitter strengthening digestive tonic that also helps strengthen liver function and gently supports  healthy bowel function.
  • Gentiana lutea (Gentian root)* - A bitter herb that encourages production of enzymes and acid in the stomach, helping to ensure efficient digestion and good appetite. Interstingly this is an ingredient in angostura bitters, a well known drink used as an aperitif (taken before meals to promote digestion)
  • Foeniculum vulgaris (Fennel seed)* - A gentle anti-spasmodic that can help relieve bloating, build up of gas, cramps or colic. It has a mild warming and soothing quality
  • Ethanol - herbal tinctures contains ethanol. It is used as a highly effective means to extract the medicinal chemicals from the fresh plants and also  preserves the remedy for several years. Adding the tincture to hot water and leaving for a few minutes helps a lot of the alcohol to evaporate.
  • Water                                                                                                                             
  *denotes certified organic or sustainably gathered from the wild


  • Gift Wrapping Available
  • Certified Crystals
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Award Winning

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Can I combine it with other treatments?

Yes! But always consult a doctor as everyone has very individual and sometimes complex health issues. Chinese medicine often works hand in hand with Western medicine and complements the healing process.

How do I make sure I'm using my gua sha tools correctly, without causing damage to my skin?

Please be reassured, it’s very difficult to damage your skin with this time-old technique. Before you try gua sha for the first time, read the instruction leaflet inside the packaging and watch the short video on the product page of this site. Go easy to start with and watch how your skin responds before continuing. Please note, gua sha should not be performed over broken skin, varicose veins, moles, cuts or bruises.

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