What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine is a natural healing system that has been used by millions of people for thousands of years. The key to it is an incredibly sophisticated understanding of how the body works both physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Chinese Medicine holds the key to your health because it offers countless powerful techniques that effectively clear inflammation and increase immunity, yet fit effortlessly into your day.

Taoism is a philosophy and science of life that could date back as far as 8,000 years. It is the foundation of Chinese Medicine and all Hayo’u self-care methods are rooted in it.

Tao, means the ‘path’ or ‘principle’ and describes the eternal, primordial source or void, as well as the potential from which all things arise. As the life force that continually flows through and animates all living things, Qi is central to the Taoist worldview. It is the living vibration that is constantly occurring at molecular, atomic and sub-atomic levels, and is the basis for all that exists.

The Taoists, and therefore Chinese doctors, see the quality and movement of Qi through the body as determining human health – the ideal state being one of balance and smoothness with no blockages.

We inherit Qi at birth and accumulate or lose it as we go through life, depending on the way we live. So Chinese medicine has created a myriad of techniques to optimise our Qi and therefore our health and longevity.

Chinese Medicine believes that illness occurs when Qi and blood ‘stagnate’ in the body. And what causes Qi stagnation? Inflammation. Chronic stress is one of the main causes of inflammation. The aim of our rituals is to clear inflammation by relaxing the body, enabling free flow of circulation and clearing toxicity.

The Chinese approach is that disease, both mental and physical, begin and can be rectified at this energetic level – and so the root cause can be addressed as opposed to only treating, masking or suppressing the physical symptoms.

By simply using jade, breathing, considered movements and a particular way of bathing, we can make vast improvements to our health and beauty without needing to resort to acupuncture and herbs.

Chinese Medicine is brilliant. It’s so powerful that in as little as one-minute a day you can improve stress levels, boost your immune system and vitality, improve sleep, looks, mood, lose weight and protect yourself against more serious illness in later years. More than ever, we need an integrated, simple yet profound approach to mastering our health physically, emotionally and energetically. This is what Chinese Medicine can offer you and why I was so inspired to create the Hayo’u Method.