Hayo'u Mineral Bathing Ritual

Mineral Bathing

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This ritual draws on an ancient form of Chinese hydrotherapy practised in Asian bath houses for centuries. Combine with our aromatic Bath Minerals to feel replenished, rested and restored.

The Technique:

Follow the simple instructions below: Run a comfortably warm bath to about a third full. Dissolve one handful of Hayo’u Mineral Bath, and step in. Stay seated as you slowly increase the temperature. Stop once the bath is hot but not unbearable. While the bath is warming carry out Katie’s Rescue Breath Ritual. Lie back and soak. For best results, intermittently stand and enjoy short bursts of cold water from the shower. At the end of your bath, add a burst of cold water to refresh, or hot to relax.

The Reward

Revered for millennia across Asia for its therapeutic qualities, including:
  • Engaging your nervous system’s rest phase
  • Calming inflammation
  • Releasing stress
  • Improving your circulation
  • Oxygenating your body
  • Relieving anxiety
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Releasing endorphins