Hayo'u Method - The Beauty Restorer Ritual

The Beauty Restorer Ritual

Gua Sha is fast becoming a buzzword in the beauty ...
Rose Quartz Morning Ritual

Rose Quartz Morning Ritual

This Gua Sha ritual encourages nutrients and oxygen to the ...
Hayo'u Beauty Restorer Comb Ritual

Beauty Restorer Comb ritual

Promote healthy hair, while reducing stress and tension. Deeply pleasurable ...
Beauty Restorer Lite ritual

Beauty Restorer Lite ritual

Katie’s one-minute beauty ritual is a modern-day interpretation of the ...
Hayo'u Body Restorer Ritual

The Body Restorer Ritual

Gua Sha would traditionally be given by family members or ...
Hayo'u Beauty Restorer Precision Ritual

Beauty Restorer Precision ritual

This reimagined ancient Chinese self-massage ritual is designed to let ...
Hayo'u Bamboo Tapper Body Ritual

The Tapping Ritual

Tapping with bamboo is an ancient Chinese therapy that works ...
The Rescue Breath Ritual

The Rescue Breath Ritual

The active meditation of the Rescue Breath is an instant ...
Hayo'u Mineral Washing Ritual

Mineral Washing

Optimise your morning shower to start the day in a ...
Hayo'u Mineral Bathing Ritual

Mineral Bathing

Combine breathing and bathing to deeply relax body and mind ...
Meet our Founder Katie Brindle

Meet our founder

Inspired by Chinese medicine, Katie Brindle founded the Hayo'u Method to enable people to master their health.