The Hayo’u Customer Survey

Hayo’u Customer Survey

Our tools and products have come out of years of research from our founder and Chinese Medicine practitioner, Katie Brindle. Every tool we create is based on her expertise and knowledge and because of this we are incredibly proud to be one of the UKs leading self-care brands when it comes to face and body gua sha, pai sha (body tapping) and body combing.

However, while it’s all very well us saying this, we wanted to know what you think. We carried out a survey of 200 Hayo’u customers to find out what they really thought of our self-care tools and products. Each survey was confidential so that participants could be completely honest and transparent.

As it happens, we couldn’t have been happier with the results.

  • 90% saw a difference in their skin after using Hayo’u face gua sha tools.
  • 93% said their skin was more radiant after using Hayo’u face gua sha tools.
  • 95% said they felt more relaxed after using Hayo’u face and body tools.
  • 99% said they felt more energised after using the Bamboo Body Tapper.
  • 98% said that Hayo’u products changed their lives for the better.
  • 96% felt that Hayo’u offered good value for money.
  • 98% felt that Hayo’u gua sha tools are better than other gua sha products on the market.
  • 99% said they would recommend Hayo’u to someone else.

Customer testimonials from the survey:

“I have stopped buying expensive ‘miracle’ products.”

“I don’t buy expensive creams that promise the impossible anymore. I no longer use a steroid cream on my face for eczema or my body. And I no longer wear foundation daily!”

“Life changing products and practice. Worth every penny.”

“I have cancelled my monthly CACI non-surgical face lifts which I have been having for over 20 years.”

“I have used every skincare brand under the sun and had many types of facials. Nothing gives results like Hayo’u crystals.”

“I use Hayo’u gua sha tools every day and love the quality of the crystal, and the tapper is a beautiful piece of solid design. Created to last and not to contribute to the ‘waste’ of the world. Thank you.”

We can’t thank you enough for all the incredible feedback. We believe passionately in everything that we do and the mission of our founder, Katie, is to spread the self-care message to as many people as possible. It looks like we’re on the right track.