l have Lupus which causes rashes on my legs and feet. Since l have been massaging in the body oil each night, the rashes have subsided and my skin feels softer. l know it is the oil as l had a week without it and the rashes became more inflamed again.

l then noticed that the fingertip eczema l have had for six years was disappearing and also other patches on my hands. This was from the oil on my fingers after massaging my feet! l’ve had so many different medications over the years for my Eczema, at last l have found a remedy.

l also use the oil and Body Restorer for the back of my neck where l have Arthritis and it is giving me much needed relief. The Beauty oil is clearing my skin and making it look much healthier, and friends and my daughter have remarked on the difference.

l’m so grateful for the Hayo’u Method and will continue to use it – thank you!

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