Questions & Answers


Are your rituals safe to practice when feeling unwell?

Always consult a doctor if you are unwell due to the rituals ability to self heal they are particulary useful in times of illness.

What side effects might I experience?

It is not uncommon to suffer from a healing crisis, this is when the body reacts to the treatment such as tiredness, cold sweat and can be emotional. To find out more about healing process read

Can I combine it with other treatments?

Always consult a doctor. Often it works hand in hand with Western medicine and can benefit the healing process.

How long until I notice a difference?

After even the first One-minute ritual you’re likely to notice a marked improvement in how your body feels as well as an improvement in your general wellbeing and energy levels. The more you practice, the more you’ll benefit. Try it for a week and you’ll feel the cumulative effects on your stress levels. Try it for a month and you’ll feel them even more overly. You’ll find you start really missing them on the occasions that you forget.

How do I make sure I'm using my body restorer and beauty restorer correctly, without causing damage to my skin?

Before using your Beauty Restorer, read about our One-minute ritual (on the leaflet inside the packaging or on the website) and watch the demonstration. Do not complete more than the recommended 8 strokes in one treatment and watch how your skin responds by revealing sha/redness before continuing. For further information, read our Gua Sha Uncovered article in the Insight sections. Please note, Gua Sha should not be performed over broken skin, varicose veins, moles, cuts or bruises.

It looks pretty drastic! Am I doing something wrong?

It is totally normal (and useful) for your skin to show redness. Follow the instructions, retreat only once redness has subsided and notice the difference in the levels of redness following each treatment.

Why do you use Jade?

Jade is a cleansing stone used in Chinese medicine for centuries to aid the body’s filtration organs and lymph system to expel toxins. Xiuyan jade is named after its place of origin in Liaoning Province, in northeast China, where the origins of jade-carving can be traced back more than 5,000 years. It is a natural stone that is hard wearing, difficult to scratch and polishes to a silky, smooth finish. Our Beauty Restorer is hand cut using traditional Chinese jade-carving techniques and individually quality checked before being packed in the UK.

Which direction should I stroke the tool on my neck to help lymphatic drainage?

So, ONE of the purposes of facial Gua Sha is to clear lymph. If you want to focus on this then you concentrate more on stroking downwards. This is because our lymph drains into an area called “terminus” in the little dips right above the middle of each collarbone. The direction of the lymphatic pathways on the face are from the centre of the face, out toward the hairline, so we want to move all of the stagnant lymph, or the waste, out to the outer sides of the face and then sweep it all down the neck to dump it above the collarbone

Don’t worry too much, if you then want to also work upwards, that is not going to undo your hard work. Lymph cannot move on its own, but it will naturally move towards the area of the body it is supposed to. Only muscular contraction can move lymph, which is one of the reasons a sedentary lifestyle is so harmful.


Do the products contain sunscreen?


Won't oils clog my skin?

Sebum & Dirt are more likely to clog pores than oils. Light oils should aid the skins natural oil content and keep skin protected.

I have acne / rosacea / sensitive skin, can I use Hayo'u products?

Anyone with sensitive skin conditions such as Acne & Rosacea should check with their health care professional first for advice. Based on the advice given a skin patch test should then be preformed to check for suitability.


Is jade a finite resource? What is your justification for using it?

Jade will naturally reproduce over time, but it is a finite resource, yes. However, we offer a sustainable product that will last forever, that doesn’t require replenishment, and that doesn’t require any plastics. We believe this is much kinder to the environment than damaging disposable beauty products.

Is jade mining detrimental to the environment / local community?

You may be aware that many jade mines in Myanmar are proving destructive on both a human and an environmental level. Please rest assured, that all our jade is ethically mined in China, providing business and support to the local community. We work closely with our factory and visit them regularly to ensure ethical practices. We have signed paperwork from the suppliers of our products in this regard.

Are your products suitable for those taking anti-depressants or suffering from depression or anxiety?

Often depression and anxiety is an emotional held in the chest area. All our rituals enable you to self-treat and clear this emotional stagnation hence can only be beneficial to your healing process. Any concerns please consult your doctor.

Are your rituals safe to practice when pregnant?

Please consult your midwife.

How do we know it works?

All our rituals are based on the ancient healing wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine. The techniques include Qi Gong, Mindful Breathing, Tui Na, Gua Sha and Mineral Bathing. You’ll find plenty of information in our Insight section of the website.

What if someone wants to have a 1-1 with Katie as a private consultation?

If you are interested in a private consultation with Katie, please contact us on

Is it safe to bathe after Gua Sha?

No, to safely Gua Sha, we advocate to bathe first and Gua Sha after.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our Body and Beauty Restorers are made in China by Chinese Medicine Specialists. Our De-stress oils and bathing minerals are made in Somerset by a highly reputable manufacturer of natural beauty & bathing products.

What is your stance on animal testing?

None of our products have been tested on animals.

How 'clean' are your oils and bathing products?

Our products do not contain phthalates, sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, GMOS, mineral oils, petrolatum, propylene glycol or synthetic colours and fragrances.

Can you guarantee that your factories adher to ethical practices?

Yes, we have visited factory and workshop premises and signed paperwork in this regard directly with the suppliers of our products.