Hayo’u Beauty Restorer™ Precision

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Hayo’u Beauty Restorer™ Precision



Reinvigorate your lips and eyes with pinpoint accuracy

Target fine lines and wrinkles around the lips and eyes with our precision facial massage tool.

The ultra-nimble Beauty Restorer Precision is our most innovative tool for achieving the ultimate rejuvenated, glowing complexion.

This tool is a great companion to our Beauty Restorer, allowing you to practice our extended daily facial massage ritual. Just another way we’re bringing ancient Chinese medicine to modern living.

Use the slim tip of the tool to make a series of little flicks over and around your lips and eyes to reduce any fine lines and wrinkles.


Please note: As the Beauty Restorer Precision is hand made from a natural product there will be colour variations & minor size/shape differences. This does not effect the quality of the product.

Product Info

Made from 100% Xiuyan jade, revered for its restorative properties and certified to the highest of standards. Please note, due to the nature of natural stone, the colour will vary slightly.

Our product packaging is made from doubled walled cardboard and where possible we do not use single wrap plastics or cellophane to wrap our products for environmental reasons.

Discover Katie’s Beauty Restorer Precision ritual

Get closer to every line and wrinkle around the eyes and lips with this meticulous facial massage.


*Individual results may vary depending on age, skin type, skincare history & current health conditions

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reveal fresh, brightened skin
  • Boost circulation
  • Clear congestion
  • Mobilise scar tissue
DISCLAIMER (Please Read)

Please note, you should not perform Gua Sha over broken skin, broken veins, moles, cuts, bruises, severe acne or rosacea. Results vary according to age, strength of body, skin type and medical conditions. At no point should treatment feel painful. Always start gently, observing the reaction to your skin and proceed with caution. If in any doubt, contact us at info@hayoumethod.com or seek medical advice. This information is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.