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Do Beauty tools and tech make our lives easier?

“Even before I hit my 40s, I had quite deep frown lines – a classic case of stress face/screenface. No surprises either that I clench my jaw at night and grind my teeth. Being a scaredy pants, who has never had any kind of injectable, I have always found that a facial which uses quite strong massage the best thing for plumping and lifting. But in the absence of a facial masseuse on tap, I have turned to an ancient Chinese healing method called Gua Sha, which can be done on the face with a beautiful and cooling specially-shaped flat jade stone. I use the Hayou Beauty Restorer £35, a one-minute ritual that can be done morning and night with your face oil or serum (see video here ) and has been dubbed the “Asian face lift”.

By drawing a beautiful heart-shaped jade tool along the cheeks, forehead and chin, you create slight redness, which is said to be heat (stress) escaping from the body, but which also stimulates blood flow, massages muscles and drains away puffiness and toxins. In six months of use the tone of my skin has noticeably improved and my jaw muscles get their daily TLC, plus the hormonal spots on my chin just don’t appear any more, unless I stop doing it.

When I tried the newly-launched VisaPure Advance, developed by Philips in conjunction with facialist Chico Shigeta, it seemed to offer something very similar, the massage attachment mimicking the petrissage (finger tapping) technique she uses on her celebrity clients. The massage head, used for three minutes on the cheeks, gives you a lovely relaxing buzzy feeling that you don’t get with the Gua Sha, and the vibrating and cooling eye attachment (used for 15 seconds on each eye) produced a quite noticeable brow lift when Chico demonstrated it on one side of the face. She explained that it drains away the fluid that can make eyes heavy and droop. It’s brilliant for refreshing tired eyes.

Does tech trump ancient beauty tool for me? The fact that the VisaPure Advanced vibrates intensifies the effects, but the Hayou is something that I can have in my handbag if I need a midday refresh. Jade is naturally a cooling stone and resting it for a couple of seconds over the eyelids and under to eye is extremely relaxing. It’s shaped so that you can use it to rest on the pressure points between the eyebrows. Having spent all day on a screen, turning to something ancient and natural is a lovely antidote.

Verdict: I have both bit of kit in my bathroom, but I find I use the Hayou more (and I always take it travelling). I love the non-techy feel of it, the ritual, and used with a lovely face oil just makes you want to exhale and relax. But the VisaPure Advanced is definitely part of my beauty arsenal too and I was impressed, especially with its brow lifting powers.

Reviewer: Victoria Woodhall, Editor

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