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‘We’re all looking for that magic remedy to reverse the signs of ageing, but the reality is that you can eat as much avocado on toast as you like, but if you’re stressed, it will show on your face’ explains Chinese medicine physician and founder of the Hayo’u Method, Katie Brindle.’When you’re anxious, your body activates a stress response and diverts skin away from the blood and into your muscles. Impaired circulation means less oxygen and vital nutrients passing into your skin, so your face tenses, you look strained and you age faster.’ Brindle has perfected a technique using a jade tool that’s proven to draw blood to the face. Studies show that certified jade stones emit far infrared rays that penetrate tissues, muscles and bone to oxygenate the blood. Using Brindle’s Beauty Restorer, press and stroke your forehead, cheeks, lips, throat and jawline. The flush means you’re drawing circulation to the skin. The result? A stress-free complexion.

Hayo'u Press - Marie Claire

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