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Healing is a beautiful process. I find the body’s innate ability to heal itself quite remarkable. Often, healing is very peaceful and just requires rest. However, when we are recovering from the pressure of stress, it’s not uncommon for the body to react in quite dramatic ways. We call this a ‘healing crisis’ and whilst you won’t exactly feel great, it’s actually a really positive sign. It means your body is quite literally purging out toxicity. We live in a world where medication is often used to mask symptoms and relieve pain, so it may seem very alien to you when symptoms emerge, revealing stored pathologies.

The single most important thing to remember during the healing process is to breathe. This may sound ridiculous, but proper, deep breathing really is the single most important tool we have in our recovery. Considered, slow breathing, right down into your stomach will help your nervous system switch over into the parasympathetic or ‘rest’ phase. Practise our Rescue Breath Ritual whenever possible.

Drinking water when healing is incredibly important. Equally, don’t overwhelm your body with too much liquid, especially iced. Frequent sips of room temperature water are perfect.

Sleep quality is a great healing indicator. If you are healing your sleep should become deeper and longer and upon waking you will feel more rested, which in turn combats your stress levels. During healing, you will often want to sleep more. It is important to allow yourself to sleep as much as your body wants and needs, otherwise it will have to work harder and probably longer in order to heal.

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Emotionally, healing can evoke a variety of reactions. Laughing and crying is a very common response, and these are very cleansing as they usually involve deep breathing during, before or after. Some patients feel a sudden urge to express and talk about an emotional burden that they have left unexpressed, and perhaps denied that they still even have held onto it. It sounds strange, but healing can trigger sudden insights into situations or relationships from the past. Again, use The Reset Ritual to allow your emotions to be released and to soothe the body.

Shock, stress or trauma can be released in the form of tremors, heat and shaking or spontaneous movement. It can be distressing or embarrassing, but allowing the feeling to move through your body without resistance speeds up the process. Rest is best, so if in doubt go and lie down or take a salt bath. Normally when the body shakes it is releasing emotional trauma so it needs to be allowed to sleep. These spontaneous movements are usually very short-lived and last for minutes rather than hours.

During healing, old injuries can manifest again, and these can be a very important sign that the body is pushing chronic symptoms back out. So don’t give up just because your bad knee is flaring up again – this is actually a good sign. Often you notice old injuries or emotional pains flare up exactly where they were before but in a diluted way. It is important to go with the pace of your own body. If you have a chronic condition, then start slowly and build up gently. If in any doubt, seek medical advice.

Relaxation and positivity is key. When you are relaxed your body will heal. The more that you can build relaxation into your everyday regime, the greater opportunity your body has to routinely heal itself without the need for a stronger healing reaction.

Convalescence is often forgotten about in modern life but it’s crucial to make time for your body to regain strength and health after an acute illness. Often people misinterpret feeling a bit better after illness as a sign of complete health – this is dangerous as you’ll still be healing inside. Your symptoms may well have disappeared, but you will still have underlying fatigue and weakness. This period of time is vital for the body to restore its energy in order to prevent reoccurrence of more serious illnesses, and in the ‘olden days’ this was always a normal stage of recovery. If you have recently suffered from an infection or illness, then you shouldn’t participate in strenuous physical or mental activity for a while. Self-nurturing by breathing, digestion and sleep is vital. Try deep breathing to switch your nervous system over into that ‘relaxed phase’ and gentle tapping to get your Qi moving. Use our one-minute rituals to support you through this process. You will also need plenty of laughter and happiness, so visitors are good as are comedy box sets!


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