The power of mineral bathing

Whilst our one-minute rituals are proven to instantly clear stress as it hits, Hayo’u mineral bathing elevates your de-stress potential to a whole new level.

I created these unique bath products as a result of years of study understanding the benefits and intricacies of Chinese medicine. You see, the Chinese have known for centuries that combining bathing with aromatic ingredients and minerals along with mindful breathing techniques is hugely effective and feels heavenly.

Bathing switches your nervous system into its rest phase* and mindfulness meditation with an added boost of aromatherapy reduces anxiety levels**.

What is Mineral Bathing?

Step 1 – Warm water

Bathing is used the world over to relieve stress, simply because hot water relaxes your muscles. Relaxed muscles send a message to the alarm centres in the brain that there’s no threat, thus immediately engaging your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS).

Water is well documented across a multitude of cultures as a divine, healing and renewing force. Its regenerative qualities are revered the world over to rebalance mental energy and soothe weary spirits.

Step 2 – Extend the Rescue Breath

We combine the benefits of warm water with an extension of our breath meditation to further prompt the body’s rest phase. Whilst in this relaxed state we extend the Rescue Breath into a ten-minute meditation – one breath at a time. Meditation is hugely beneficial, but most of us struggle to do it.

Unlike conventional meditation, this smiling breath is effortless – because rather than emptying the mind, you’re giving it something to focus on.

Step 3 – Intensify the benefit of the bathing treatment with our 3 in 1 bathing minerals.

Chinese Medicine is very much based on purge and nourish (as is the act of bathing). So we created bath products based on the brilliant understanding of the body that Chinese medicine offers. To maximize the 3 in 1 technique, we’ve specifically blended minerals and essences praised for their ability to draw out toxicity and then replenish your body in order to clear your stress and promote healing. And they really work!

Firstly, minerals. Minerals have been used for millennia to assist the detoxification process and we use a triple combination to maximize this benefit.

  1. Himalayan pink salt– which contains over 80 minerals that help to ph balance your body, increase circulation, lower blood pressure and help eliminate toxins.
  2. Maris sal– a natural Dead sea salt incredibly rich in minerals and nutrients. Maris sal can promote the healing of skin tissues and skin allergies, aid detoxification and help to clear dead skin cells.
  3. Rose quartz– relied upon the world over for its healing properties, rose quartz is used to soften and smooth the skin and even out skin tone.

Aromatic substances have always been used as an aid to meditation, altering the mood state and elevating consciousness. When we inhale a smell, the olfactory bulb processes the scent and sends a signal to the brain. The olfactory bulb has intimate access to the amygdala, which processes emotion and the stress response. This is why our products are as intensely perfumed as possible: they do the work for you to ensure maximum benefit. Again we work in triplicate.

  1. Frankincense– revered for its variety of health benefits like helping relieve chronic stress and anxiety and reducing pain and inflammation. Frankincense is a very ancient oil – and traditionally known as a powerful cure. At times it was more valuable than gold in the ancient world.
  2. Lotus flower– which contains protein, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B and C and have been used on the face for centuries for its soothing, cooling properties.
  3. Chrysanthemum– a mainstay of Chinese medical herbs, this flower extract is used to stimulate the blood in addition to a whole host of other curative properties.

This 3 in 1 treatment enables you to deeply expel the toxicity of stress simultaneously from the body’s physical, emotional and energetic levels to achieve a truly relaxed state.

Finish this deeply restorative process by anointing yourself with our body oil, which carries the same essences. Then follow an extended Gua Sha treatment, lulling your body into a deeply relaxed state before bed. Gua Sha has been proven to engage the PNS and assist sleep***.

Modern living is not easy. But one of the great benefits is that we all have bathrooms! Don’t take this private sanctuary for granted. At no cost and with minimal effort, it offers you the perfect place to deeply revive and restore on a daily basis.

*Relaxed and Contented: Activating the Parasympathetic Wing of Your Nervous System. Rick Hanson, PhD, 2007


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