Firstly, you need breath. Breath is the most immediate and powerful self-healing cure we have.

Breathing properly will:

*Relax the body

*Slow the heart-rate

*Reverse the stress response

*Reduce inflammation

*Alkalise your system

So, start with our Rescue Breath Ritual. Practise it firstly in your morning shower or bath – a perfect opportunity to maximise your breathing.

By doing this with our highly fragrant Mineral Shower Wash or Mineral Bath, you enable a dynamic combination of water, oxygen and aromatherapy right at the start of your day.

Then, repeat the technique whenever you wash your hands. This repeatedly deeply oxygenates the blood throughout the day, at a moment when you are focussed on yourself.


Secondly you need to circulate the breath by tapping the body. Tapping enables free flow of qi (energy) and blood to reach right to the extremities of the body and is crucial to good health.


*instantly invigorates your circulation

*clears any stagnation

*supports lymphatic drainage

*encourages a smooth flow of blood and qi around the body

*ensures a well-nourished body and stimulates cell growth

Tap after your shower in the morning or whenever you feel sluggish throughout the day. Set a gong on your phone to sound each hour and practice for one-minute to reset the body.


Thirdly, restore the body morning or night with gua sha massage.

The self-massage technique of gua sha offers a multitude of benefits:

*switches your nervous system back into rest mode

*strengthens immunity

*clears inflammation

*supports the organs, which are responsible for the health of your body

*resolves pain

*releases muscle tension

*induces sleep

*relaxes the body

Each evening at bed-time spend a few minutes using the Body Restorer to gua sha any areas of pain and tension.