What makes our crystals so special?

What makes our crystals so special?

The market is currently flooded with gua sha tools, but what is it that makes our crystals so special?
What is facial gua sha?

What is facial gua sha?

What it is, how it works and its life-changing benefits.
The Hayo’u Customer Survey

The Hayo’u Customer Survey

We carried out a survey of 200 Hayo’u customers to find out what they really thought of our tools and products.
The Hayo’u Community

The Hayo’u Community

Become part of the Hayo'u family and join us on the self-care journey.
Hayo'u Mothers Day Blog Post

Mother’s Day Treats

Treat ALL the incredible women in our lives this Mother’s Day.
International Womens Day

International Women’s Day

We celebrate #IWD2021 with our favourite inspirational women.
Hayo'u Nephrite Gua Sha Tools

Hayo’u Nephrite

Take your gua sha to the next level with Nephrite, only at Net-A-Porter.
Hayo'u Valentines

It’s all about HaYO’U

Valentine’s Day is about love and what could be more fitting right now than self-love?
Hayo'u Blog - Gua Sha Resolution

The Self-Care Resolution

With yet another lockdown and the same old resolutions doing the rounds, isn’t it time
Hayo'u Gua sha jade body comb

Body Combing

Body combing is an ancient Chinese self-healing treatment, an extension of gua sha that works a bit more deeply.
Hayo'u Method Jade Gua Sha Tools

Beauty Restored – The benefits of facia...

Find out more about the ancient Chinese facial technique causing such excitement in the beauty industry.
The Benefits of Body Gua Sha

The benefits of Body Gua Sha

Learn the extraordinary ancient technique that offers a multitude of benefits.