Dealing with stress the Hayo’u way

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The Products

The Beauty RestorerTM – A premium hand crafted jade facial massage tool.
The Body RestorerTM A 100% Stainless steel body massage Tool
Beauty Oil – A natural, deeply nourishing face oil.
Body Oil – An enriching self-massage body oil.
Mineral Bath – Luxurious, hand mined, 100% organic bath minerals.
Shower Wash – A revitalising luxurious shower wash Infused with ancient botanicals.

*All our Beauty products are SLS, SLES & Paraben free.

Beauty Restorer Ritual - Hayo'u Method

The Rituals

Mineral Washing – Start your day feeling energised & invigorated.
The Reset Ritual – Boost flagging energy & circulation, release tension.
The Beauty Restorer Ritual – Get a brighter, healthier, radiant complexion
The Body Restorer Ritual – Helps with a whole range of health issues.
The Rescue Breath Ritual – An instant and effortless defence against stress.
Mineral Bathing – Feel replenished, rested and restored.

Dealing with stress article

What happens to the body when we are stressed?

While stressed, the body diverts blood flow away from the peripheral organs to provide muscles with additional resources. This causes inflammation so the body then produces cortisol to reduce this effect.

In small doses this is healthy, but excessive levels of adrenaline and cortisol disturb basic functions like heart rate, sleep, breathing and digestion.

Dealing with anxiety - Hayo'u Method

Undoing the damage caused by stress

Hayo’u immediately addresses stress by tackling its damaging effects in daily one-minute rituals.

The three techniques that form our rituals are Gua Sha self-massage, Qi Gong and mineral bathing.

It’s time to take action and let Hayo’u help you bring your body back into balance.

Harnessing the power of intentions

The Method

The Hayo’u Method combines product, technique and wisdom into simple one-minute rituals. Follow these simple rituals to not only combat stress but to prevent it.

Stress not only effects the way we feel it also effects the way we look.
Beauty is an external manifestation of our internal health. The better our overall health, the more beautiful we can look.

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