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Article on the ‘Good Zing’ health blog website about how Chinese Medicine can help with skin conditions such as Psoriasis.


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The traditional Chinese medicine approach is to treat the internal root cause of illness, not only its symptoms. From a Chinese medicine point of view, the skin is influenced by any number of issues, from the health of the lungs and heart to poor circulation or excess heat.

Chinese medicine understands that skin problems take root in digestive issues, and Western science now seems to be aligning itself to this ancient thinking. With more and more scientists publishing evidence that psoriasis is linked to a leaky gut, it’s now understood that this imbalance that develops is found in the gut flora and is often caused by stress (2).

Furthermore, according to Chinese medicine, stress and lifestyle can both contribute to heat in the body, causing the symptoms of redness, itchy, dry and scaly skin that are associated with psoriasis. Excess heat also obstructs the flow of blood to the skin.

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