Mini Bamboo Face Tapper Method

Tighten, refresh and revive your skin with the Hayo'u Mini Bamboo Face Tapper.

Discover the benefits of Face Tapping with the Hayo'u Method and our founder Katie Brindle.

How to use:

Best used on dry skin.

  1. Begin your beauty routine by gently tapping all over your face and neck on dry skin to enliven the complexion.
  2. At the end of your Beauty Routine, pat your skin dry with the Hayo’u Beauty Tissue to remove any excess moisture. Gently tap all over the face to enliven the complexion pre-makeup.


Can I combine it with other treatments?

Yes! But always consult a doctor as everyone has very individual and sometimes complex health issues. Chinese medicine often works hand in hand with Western medicine and complements the healing process.

How do I make sure I'm using my tools correctly, without causing damage to my skin?

Please be reassured, it’s very difficult to damage your skin with this time-old technique. Before you try pai sha for the first time, read the instruction leaflet inside the packaging and watch the short video on the product page of this site. Go easy to start with and watch how your skin responds before continuing. Please note, gua sha and tapping should not be performed over broken skin, varicose veins, moles, cuts or bruises.