Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy
Everything you see around you is vibrating at a frequency, whether you are aware of it or not. All of nature vibrates at different frequencies.

All living things are made up of atoms which contain electrical charges or energy in constant motion, which some people refer to as vibrations. Without the balance of these positive and negative electrical charges in constant opposition to each other, the atomic particles that are the building blocks of our body would simply collapse.

The laws of physics dictate that energy attracts more energy. This is where the ideas of intention and manifestation stem from –  that both positive and negative thoughts are held as a vibration in the body.

Increasingly popular, sound healing therapies use vibrational sound and frequency, believed to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace and well-being for better health.


One of the oldest forms of sound therapy comes from the ancient Chinese practice of 6 healing sounds. This works on the premise that specific sounds correspond to certain organs and energy channels in the body. Our bodies contain organs and tissues of different densities, each of which has a resonant frequency just like a bridge or a building or a champagne flute. Molecular bonds hold all matter together, and those bonds can loosen if vibrated at a particular frequency. Practitioners of sound therapy believe that gentle vibrations can be healing to the body at a cellular level.

The 6 healing sounds have been used for thousands of years in China and remain widely used today. Chinese medicine holds that the following sound vibrations promote healing and provide a type of massage to the organs.

  • Lungs – ssssssss
  • Kidney – chooooo
  • Liver – shhhhhhhh
  • Heart– haaaaaaa
  • Spleen – whoooo
  • Triple burner – shhheeeee

This exercise is easy, but mental engagement is key here. For each sound, start with a deep inhalation, imagine breathing in a cleansing light. As you exhale, make the sound until you literally have no more air, then repeat. For each organ, focus on that specific area whilst you breathe, imagine flooding it with warmth and happiness.

Liver: The liver is linked to the eyes in Chinese medicine. When someone is very angry, they may experience bloodshot eyes, due to rising energy. Visualise the liver and send love and attention to it. The sound of the liver is “sshh” (xu in pinyin). Give a nice, breathless “sshh” down to your liver, releasing all the air in your lungs, relaxing and releasing any anger. Repeat five times.

Heart: The heart can get overwhelmed with frustration, hate and other strong emotions. The sound of the heart is He, pronounced “haaaaaww” with the mouth wide open. Repeat five times, releasing all the air from the lungs and imagining positivity flowing to your heart.

Spleen: The spleen can get bogged down with overthinking and worrying, anxiety and weight gain. Give a breathless “hooo” (a guttural sound from the throat, not as in ”who” or “woo” but as in “hoe”). Repeat five times, sending love to your spleen and stomach area, releasing all the air from your lungs.

Lungs: The lungs are especially sensitive to external factors in the environment. The lungs are adversely affected by grief, sadness and depression. Imagine positivity and joy flowing to your lungs. Release any sadness, and sound out “sss” with your tongue behind your teeth Ssssszz. This sound has a buzz at the end.

Kidneys: The kidneys are associated with fear and phobias. Trauma will affect the kidneys, so release fears with the sound “choooaay” (chui). This is the whispered sound of blowing out a candle. Repeat as above.

Triple Burner: The triple burner is not a physical organ and has no direct explanation in Western medicine. It represents the energetic pathways that run through the upper, middle and lower cavities of the body. One of its main functions is to regulate qi and fluids surrounding the internal organs. The sound associated with the triple burner is “sheee” (xi), a breathless sound to move the heat from the top part of the head down through the feet. Visualising this heat moving downward helps boost sexual energy and warms the lower body.

All you need to add is your intention before you practice this simple technique. Adding good intentions to your everyday living is a holistic approach. Even though you may not believe in such things, just give it a try and you might be surprised by the results!


Producing sound, particularly the deep, resonant kind sound therapy works with, may be even more beneficial than passively listening to it. A 2012 study split 39 people caring for family members with dementia into two groups. One was tasked with listening to relaxing music for 12 minutes each day for eight weeks. The other used the same amount of time to practice a meditative form of yoga that involves chanting.

At the end of the study the group that listened to relaxing music felt good, with 31.2% reporting substantial improvement in depressive symptoms and 19% scoring higher on a mental health survey. But the chanting group felt better, with 65.2% reporting fewer depressive symptoms and 52% reporting better mental health scores.

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